Ignorance isn't always bliss.


Are you stuck? Spinning your wheels? Uncertain? Wondering which way to go?

Know you need to be doing something different, but not quite sure what?


There's a lot on the line,

and you need to get this one right.


At ZeroN, we dig down into what's really going on, reveal valuable intelligence, connect unseen dots, and help people figure things out so they can move forward with confidence and validation.

ZeroN was formed in 2016 when two long-time colleagues (and very good friends), decided to merge forces after decades of working independently as research consultants. Our complementary skill sets are proof two heads truly are better than one. (The conversations are also better. Though we still get strange looks sometimes.) 

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Cindy Glenn Shute

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C. Kathleen Donnelly

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Vera Fye

A woman of mystery. No bio available.